Coaching, Copy Editing, and Tutoring for Students, Writers, and Professionals

Are you looking for support for an academic writing project for high school, college, or graduate school?  Do you have a personal writing project that’s fighting to come out, if only you could get started?  An experienced writing coach can ease your writing way whether it’s an academic or personal project. I offer services that can start when you receive an assignment or ponder the book you’ve longed to write or after you’ve written a draft or two. I support and advise. You write and learn how to be a stronger writer along the way.

Perhaps you’ve written a draft of that memoir or novel and need it carefully read and thoughtfully critiqued? Or maybe you have professional writing that needs editing and proofreading so your readers can better appreciate your ideas? As your copy editor, I can offer you a range of editing services. Whether you want only a light line edit or a more substantive approach to your piece, I can help you produce a stronger book, article, newsletter, brochure, or website copy. I work with you to improve your piece of writing.

Are you a homeschooling parent looking for individualized writing instruction for your child from someone who understands homeschooling, gifted education, and twice exceptionalities from the inside? Do you want to learn how to write a better essay or research paper? As a writing tutor and teacher who understands gifted and twice exceptional students, I can help students learn how to write, starting wherever they need to start. I tailor assignments for the student, working one-on-one online and via email, and work closely with parents to make this an enjoyable and productive experience for even the reluctant writer.

Whatever your writing support needs, whether you’re a student, academic, writer, or professional, I can help you develop your skills and polish your writing. Use the contact form on the right or email me at