Sarah Butler MacLeod

I found my passion for writing during my undergraduate years at the University of Detroit, where I graduated with a B.A. in English. I focused on nonfiction and academic writing, with an interest in editing and proofreading while also tutoring in English, philosophy, math, biology, and chemistry. I interned in the communications departments of local hospitals, falling in love with science with a specific interest in medicine. I followed that love, earning an M.S. at the University of Detroit Mercy and becoming certified as a Physician Assistant in 1994. I’ve worked in Family Practice ever since, albeit on a very part-time basis for the past many years while I’ve continue to raise and educate my children.

Parenting and homeschooling returned me to writing, and I found essay writing and blogging to be a way to sort thoughts and experiment with the beauty of the written word. In 2012, I started coaching young writers online, soon expanding services to college students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Today, I write for publication and pleasure, learning from my students of all ages as I encourage their writing efforts and teach them new skills.  I am a writing coach with Online G3, a company offering interactive classes for gifted students. I teach privately online, coach teen and adult students in their academic writing, and offer copy editing services to writers and professionals. I see writing as a way to engage with ideas and information, taking the parts and working them into a cohesive whole. Writing is both creative work and craftsmanship, a process demanding attention to details with a constant eye on the larger project.  My goal is to help writers grow in creativity and craftsmanship whether they desire a specific academic, professional, or personal end.


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