Copy Editing FAQ

What is copy editing? Copy editing is a broad term that can refer to simply a careful reading for spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, and usage. Copy editing can also refer to a deeper and more thorough review of a piece of writing, with changes to style, structure, and content suggested.

Why do I need a copy editor? We become familiar with and attached to our writing, so much so that seeing problems can be challenging. A copy editor comes to work with a fresh eye to the work and no attachment. That fresh eye first looks at the overall piece for clarity and effectiveness. Then, the copy editor shifts attention to the structure of paragraphs and sentences, checks for clarity and effectiveness again while assuring that grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage are correct.

Will my you fix my problems with structure, clarity, and effectiveness? That’s up to you. I can simply mark what is not working and add suggestions for strengthening your piece (light editing) or I can do the rewriting for you, working changes into your existing text and striving to emulate your writing voice (heavy/substantive editing).

What style guide do you use? I use the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition.  For academic projects, I’m glad to use APA or MLA as desired. I’m glad to discuss style guide options with you.

If you’d like to know more about my services as a copy editor, use the contact form on the right or email me at





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