Copy Editing Rates

Light editing: $4/250-word page ($20 minimum) OR $40/hour

As your light copy editor, I will:

  • Recommend changes in wording and sentence organization.
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and usage errors.
  • Assure consistency¬†in style, adhering to the style manual you prefer (Chicago Manual of Style, American Psychological Manual of Style, etc.)
  • Examine sentence and paragraph length and structure, correcting as needed.

Heavy/Substantive Editing: $6/250-word page ($24 minimum) OR $45/hour

As your heavy/substantive copy editor, I will:

  • Examine and critique organization and structure, recommending changes or rewriting, depending on our agreement.
  • Repair transitions and jargon and alert writer to sexist or racist language.
  • Examine logical consistency of the entire piece, search for holes in argument (nonfiction) and information for nonfiction.
  • Search for plot holes and inconsistencies in characters’ speech and action for fiction.
  • Read for contradictions.
  • Perform all the light copy writing tasks.
  • Rewrite, as requested, sections in the writer’s voice.

Rush for editing services: 50% over base rate.

If you’re wondering which sort of editing your piece needs, contact me for a free consult. ¬†For works over 150 pages, consult with me about bulk rates.

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