Coaching Rates

Phone or Google Hangout Session: 


We can meet for planning, either by phone or online chat with a shared document between us, before you even start writing. If you’re feeling uncertain about starting a larger project or just need to sort your ideas and find some direction for your writing project, meeting virtually can help immensely. Whether your project is academic, personal, or professional, this time can help you hit the ground writing. It can be used anywhere during the writing process

Email/Google Drive/Word coaching by the hour


You send your document (Word or Google Drive), and I carefully read and comment. I’ll start looking at your thesis, then examine your overall organization, and then work at the level of the paragraph and sentence. I’ll give you specific comments on all those levels while also examining your work for errors of grammar, punctuation, usage, and style. If you are working on an assigned piece of writing and send the assignment description, I’ll let you know if you’re adhering to the directions.






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