Tutoring/Teaching Basics

August 2017: I’m not taking new students for 2017. Please reach out in December about possible 2018 openings. I am, however, currently accepting students for project-based coaching, which includes coaching for college and scholarship application essays and specific school assignments. 

Write With Sarah offers teaching and tutoring in academic writing for pre-college writers. All teaching is one-on-one and individualized in content and pace for the learner. After contacting me using the form on the right or by emailing me at contact@writewithsarah.com, we can schedule a phone consult (no charge) to determine if the service is a good match for your student.

I specialize in teaching essay and other academic writing to homeschooled learners age twelve and up.  For those who are fueled by fiction and more creative work, don’t worry. We can fit that in, and students can many learn writing skills while crafting fiction or more creative essays that translate well to more academic writing. Often our first goal is to relax the reluctant writer and build some confidence, and writing in a zone of comfort about material the writer likes can aid this relaxation process.

Where we start depends on your goals and the student’s existing skills. While I use a text or two to anchor us to a common source for information, I’m not tightly beholden to any book, as each developing writer has individual needs. I’m flexible and want to know what’s working for the student — communication about comfort level, anxiety, and effort are essential to making this a valuable experience for the student.

I tutor online through scheduled weekly sessions on Google Hangout or via phone, with each lasting about thirty minutes. While meeting, we can view and even write on an assignment together, share research via screen share, and work on skills together. During the week, a student will have one to three deadlines (some students do better with more deadlines while more proficient and mature students may need one per week). Once an assignment is submitted to me via Google Drive in a folder we share, I will return comments within 24 hours from Monday to Friday, with a slightly longer delay possible on the weekend. Students may send emails any time, and I strive to address questions about assignments promptly. For the motivated and older student, an email-only option may work as well.

Some students prefer to work with me as a coach, bringing assignments from school, outside classes, or even personal projects in fiction and nonfiction. For these, appointments to meet online are made as needed, or all work can be completed via email and document sharing.

Spots are limited for live, weekly tutoring sessions and email-only tutoring and generally scheduled on a semester or school-year basis.  Project-based coaching is available year-round. I’ll return your email promptly, and we’ll discuss your needs by email or phone. There is no cost for this initial consult.

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